6 highest paying tech jobs in Nigeria

Am like........Are you kidding me?
No. 1: Software Architect, $150,000/year :
A product modeler outlines complex programming applications.

No. 2: Software Development Manager, $130,000/year :
A product improvement chief is an undertaking pioneer for programming undertakings

No. 3: IT Manager, $110,000/year :
An IT director runs deals with an organization's innovation base.

No. 4: Security Engineer, $100,500/year :
A security designer outlines, sends, and screens frameworks that protected an organization's system, programming, and different resources.

No. 5: Computer Hardware Engineer, $100,200/year :
A PC equipment architect plans PCs and a wide range of other electronic gadgets.

No. 6: Database Administrator, $100,000/year:
An organization's database is among the most essential bits of programming it possesses, staying informed regarding clients, exchanges, and stock. A database overseer runs it.