How To Step Up your Android Performance 5X

   Most people ain't informed that they can actually improve their Gadgets Productivity and to some who have been wondering why their Android device is taking forever to open a page or take you to the next phase.
One thing about Android gadgets is that you can change the OS and everything in it the way you need. You needn't bother with any third party application to do this yet simply sit and feel the enchantment which is likely the simplest, easiest and most thrilling, giving your Android telephone a huge velocity help in a matter of seconds with no third party programming needed.

In what capacity Can I Increase my Android Speed?
. First, you'll have to enable access to the hidden"Developer options"menu on your Android telephone, to do that....

. Basically tap  the "About phone" option in Settings.
At that point tap "Build number" seven times and you're finished.
NOTE: (You will see a pop up that "You are now a Developer") 
You can simply vacate to the Main Settings menu and you'll discover Developer options some place close to the base of the list.
Now that you're finished with that , let the show begins.....

Tap the new Developer option menu you just empowered and look until you see the accompanying three settings
NOTE: (they may be found somewhere inside a "Drawing" subsection): 

-Window animation scale

-Transition animation scale

-Animator duration scale

If you can find them them, you will notice these three options were set to "1x" by default  however banging them and change them to ".5x" will drastically accelerate your gadget.

This tweak simply compels the gadget to accelerate all animations  and the whole client experience is quicker and smoother therefore.

Have done this and my Phantom Pad N9 is now "Skyrocketing".
Trust me!......this works.