How To Tweak Your IMEI & Get 1.5GB Every Month From Etisalat

You are all aware that those that have the latest Infinix,Zero are entitled to 500MB every months. Am taking you on a trip onhow to tweak your imei to be entitled to this 500MB too irrespective
of the kind of Android device you are using as long you can tweakyour imei.
Steps Involved
==>Get IMEI analyzer app
==>Get Mobile uncle app
==>Generate your imei
==>Analyze your imei
==>Tweak your imei
==>Get your MB

How Can I Get 500MB + Extra 1GB Every Month From Etisalat?
==>The first thing we need here is the first 8 digits of the Infinix
Zero IMEI which is 35585906
==>Remaining 7digits. You can put any 6 digits you like
remaining the last digit. E.g 034252x making it looks like this
==>To get the last digits, u can use your IMEI analyzer app or go to
 this site here
==>And click on IMEI Number Analyser
==>Enter the 14 digit IMEI and click on check, it will provide you
with the last digit.
==>Copy it and tweak it to your MTK Android device.
==>Once your IMEI has been successfully changed, Send MID to
8186 and 500MB will be given to you.
Mind you, you’ll be receiving this 500MB every month for good
Once you’ve receive the 500MB, you can do this
==>Look for Tecno P3 IMEI, Tecno R7 IMEI, Tecno F7 or IMEI or
Phantom Z IMEI, get the first 8digits of the IMEI and repeat the
steps above for the Infinix Zero,
==>For Tecno F7 and R7 the first 8digits IMEI is 86115502
For Nokia XL IMEI, the first 8digits is 35366506
==>Send DATA to 8186 and more MB will be given to you...chikena!
Its as simple as that ma nigga!