President- elect moved the motion of strengthening ICT sector

Just after wining the elections, ICT specialists are now making requests on the President- elect,General Muhammad Buhari.

Identifying with The Guardian, the Chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), Gbenga Adebayo, watched that in changing the economy and Nigeria, in general in the agreement of administration, neighborhood substance ought to be key.

Adebayo, a designer said: "The new organization will do well by making neighborhood content a key issue. Insurance of neighborhood industry and making an extremely solid nearby substance approach in ICT will make the part more lively and further adds to financial advancement..."

Much the same as Adebayo, Chairman of Mobile Software Solution and a previous President of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON), Chris Uwaje, said President Buhari ought to guarantee the regard and enactment on national programming strategy for Nigeria to drive the Local Content Act 2010.

Uwaje said President Buhari ought to be seen as a CEO, tested with the undertaking pf administering the 180 million Nigerians, including that he can just succeed in the new mission on the off chance that he applies Infotech, which and where will be upheld by IT experts in view of the way that "if a kid is wiped out, he won't be taken to the craftsman, however to a restorative specialist due to the skill the specialist will convey to the table."

The previous ISPON president needs the new administration to make the workplace of the Chief Information Technology Officer of the Federation, Uwaje said this is important due to national security issues.

"Buhari ought to guarantee that all sheets of the Federal, State and Local Government Areas with the officials, legal and council are fused to guarantee the arrangement of IT specialists on their sheets for him to succeed", he expressed.

Uwaje said the new president must make a litmus bundle for the IT business in order to have the capacity to manufacture similar limit for worldwide aggressiveness.

To the President, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Lanre Ajayi, it is very vital for the new organization to concentrate on creating nearby substance.

Ajayi, likewise a specialist deplored that the ICT expending country status of Nigeria has frustrated the anticipated development of the part.

As indicated by him, Nigeria still import gadgets, IT framework, hardware, among others, "Buhari ought to set up exercises in neighborhood content improvement. There is have to take a prompt from the oil and gas division, where they have expanded cooperation of neighborhood firms.

"In the ICT area, such is insignificant. There are four major GSM firms, however one and only is from a neighborhood business person. There is requirement for the new organization to urge neighborhood speculators to play huge."

He said makers ought to be urged to set up industrial facility in Nigeria, focusing on that this will keep the nation from looking after the 'Buyer Nation' status.

Fundamentally, ICT specialists need Buhari to see nearby substance improvement, as a key issue, on the off chance that he must succeed effectively, give us a chance to trust the new President is dependent upon the undertaking.