FACTs About Android Rooting.

If you have an android phone, then probably you are familiar with the term “rooting”. Before going into details I would like to give a brief note on rooting.

What Is Rooting?
 Rooting is a kind of permission required of all android users to access all the functions in there android phones. Once an android phone is rooted, the user now have a full control over many features and settings. take for instance , A user can now easily
install the custom ROMs, apps, etc. Also, rooting will increase the battery life, internal space of SD card, speed and performance generally.

The Question now is "Is rooting of android phone right or wrong?".
1. Installation of Custom themes:
After rooting, you can fully customize the themes in your android phone. You can download thousands of custom themes, which are available freely on the internet. It gives your mobile a different look.

2. Installation of Custom ROMs:
 ROM is the software that runs the android devices. Many custom ROMs are available in the market with good and impressive features. You can manually install those ROMs in your device. It makes your phone looks more different and to enhance a better performance. Moreover, when compared with original stock ROMs, these custom ROMs are user-friendly.

3. Access to free Internal Storage:People who are running on low internal memory can actually transfer their apps to the Micro SD card after rooting the phone and vice-versa. Many applications are available to provide this feature by default.

4. Running of Special applications:
Running of Special applications requires the root access compared to the normal apps, the special apps gives your gadgets more features since it connects with the system files directly.

5. Upgrading:
Once your device is rooted, you can easily upgrade your android phone to the latest android version before they are officially announced. This feature helps Geek like me who wanna stay up to date in technology.

Other features include: the ability to utilize many locked features like access to use the Wi-fi threading, running a special app like “Superuser”which allows you to control which app have access to the root system.

Nothing Good comes without consequences as below are the disadvantages of rooting

1. Bricking:
Rooting may brick your device, Bricking will affect the phone software in a way that your gadgets performance will be below average.

2. Void Warranty:
Rooting immediately voids the warranty of the device. But its nothing to worry about as you can get it back by flashing the stock ROM or original ROM.

3. Viruses:
In an attempt to root your device, there is a risk of installing malicious software into your phone

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