How to get LOST IMEI Number on Google Dashboard

  IMEI number is a unique number which helps to identify your device within the different mobile network. First you have to know how to check IMEI number of your mobile and for this you have to dial *#06# on your phone,  it will displayed on your mobile phone screen. It's a very simple process to know your phone IMEI number, and if your smartphone support dual sim in that case you have to get two IMEI number of each slot when....
you dial *#06# from your phone. You can also use another method to know IMEI number for this you have to open Settings option on your phone then choose About Phone option, click on the Status option and press then long the volume key your phone IMEI number automatically copied into the clipboard

      But in that case you forget your phone IMEI number, or someone stolen or you lost your phone then there is no need to worry you will be able to recover the number from the Google Account. For this you have to open option then logged into the Google account by your registered email id then open the Android tab. If you have more than one Android device then you will be able to see all connected Android devices which are connected to your Google Account and your will get the list of all mobile phone IMEI number.

     How Google Account works to get IMEI number: When you signed in to the play store in any phone then the login information including all the details of your phone are automatically uploaded in the Google account. Your mobile phone IMEI number will be displayed on your Google account dashboard for this you can open your Google account dashboard by these steps:

Step 1: Click on this Google account dashboard URL and Sign in with your Android phone associate Google Account.

Step 2: Scroll down and find Android after then click on Android Icon. You will see your phone information with your IMEI no.

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