With every change comes Risk but we lessen the risk of negative consequences when we take a positive attitude. Risk is unavoidable, but we have a choice about how we view changes in our lives.whenever you get on a plane, you are taking a risk, you have to trust the pilot's ability, the safety of the plane, and have faith that God is overseeing the journey. Anytime you stand in front of a crowd or audience, you are taking a risk of possible rejection.
     After all, History is on the side of many risk-takers who have reaped rewards in this world. Consider just a few:......

. Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak tried to get venture capitalists in silicon valley to invest in their idea for a computer, but the were told their idea would never fly. They took the risk anyway and led the entrepreneurial tidal wave in high-tech.
. Bill Lear created the first car radio. People told him that it would never work because it would be too distracting to drivers. Unfortunately for him, he believed them and sold his idea to Galvin Manufacturing Company later renamed Motorola. Then Lear came up with a plan for a company that built personal and corporate aircraft. This time, he ignored all the naysayers, and Lear Jets became an industry leader.
    When you are open to loosing something in order to gain something else, you are ready to take a risk. Taking risk requires stepping outside your comfort zone while standing on faith. Your willingness to take the risk may well determine how rewarding and fulfilling your life turns out to be. If you've discouraged from taking a risk by what someone said to you or by your own fears, you are not alone. We all hear discouraging words when we make a move to create a change in our lives. If you believe in your dreams, sometimes you have to go against popular wisdom. Take heart from the fact that most major accomplishments are made in spite of those fears and doubts.