WAYS To Backup Your Chats And Pictures on whatsapp new update

WhatsApp new update now has a highlight that gives you a chance to backup your information on Google drive.
The cross-stage texting application WhatsApp Messenger  that permits iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia cell phone clients to trade text, picture, feature and sound messages for free  has dispatched another highlight that issues its clients the capacity to  back up data on Google's cloud administration, Google Drive.

     Clients can now restore their chat logs from Google drive after the loss of such information from their SD cards or gadgets with the new highlight.

   Here's the way it is executed:..........

. Download the most recent version of WhatsApp.

The most recent arrival of WhatsApp isn't on Google Play Store yet however you can get the leaked version here.

2. Change your back up settings: Go to settings - Chat settings - Chat back up. The backup is put off by default so you need to put it on by changing the back up recurrence to any of the ones indicated

3. Pick area for your backup: In Previous version, the main alternatives for backup  were your telephone memory and your SD card anyhow now you have your mail as an alternative. Hit the "record" alternative and select which mail box to use for your backup.

4. Select your backup strategy - Cellular or WiFi.

Its just like that you say?.............. Be Coool!